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Gambar Kartun Patah Hati

Based on the topic that we have discuss on the blogs, we all know that what are the effects of cyber love. There are many of effects would happens by loving couples in cyber love. In my opinion, effects of cyber love are divided into two where is positives effects and also negatives effects.

Positive effects

Let me start my point with positives effects. My first point of positive effects is can find your life partner. Based on cyber world, you can meet or chatting with all type of people in this world right? Well, of course for me. From that point, I think all of you can make a better choice for your future.

From the beginning of your relationship with your partner in cyber world, you can know your partner very well and than if you find that your partner is the best you can take him or her as your future partner. Sincerely for me, I can choose my partner in cyber world if I can meet someone who can take care of me for the rest of my life hopefully.

My second point is can find a very good friends and so on. More friends you make on cyber world, so that’s mean many choice you can make to be your partner in love relationship. Based on first impression of all your friends, you can make a good choice whether want to take one of them as your partner or not.

All of our teenagers nowadays really brilliant and can make their choice and then judge the partner based on their attitudes and all of other criteria what they want. From that, all of their good deeds for you can you judge and make it an advantages and if they are really love and care of you, they will try harder to get your attention and get your true love, I think.

Then, I will talk about my third point. From cyber love, I think the other positive effects of cyber love is you can be more honest to yourself and other person around you. Why? Because, in cyber world, you can be other person like whoever you want to be. Nobody will scold you or torture you if they find out that you are cheating.

But, in cyber, you can try to be more honest than before if you are really addicted with cyber love. When you find someone who are good hearted, spontaneously, you will talk anything about yourself with him or her. You will not lying anymore and from that part, we can detect you as good person and can conclude you be more honest with other person in cyber world.

From that part, eventhough you are not face to face with your partner, but you can build some good attitudes in cyber world and then in your cyber love relationship. For other people in cyber, some good deeds and honesty in our life, can attract someone heart and then can make it more serious in a cyber relationship.

The fourth point is, you will be more matured in your life. From your experience in cyber love before, you can be more careful and aware about your heart and feelings. You will never been trapped in cyber love again and be more matured in the future, I hope. That will be proven when you can detect and find someone who are more suitable with you from your chatting in cyber net. More experience you get, more matured you are in you life.

Negative effects

After we discuss the positive effects of cyber love, we will continue the discussion about the negative effects. Is not really hard to know the negative effects, don’t you? For me, yes and it is not really hard.

My first point is you will be brokenhearted. Of course because, you are still trial on cyber love. But, you are not success to do so. Frankly speaking, I will be brokenhearted too, you know. From internet or this cyber world, you are not so close or know your partner very well, I think. Then, how could you love and care about your partner??? Really mad actually. It is not impossible if one fine day you find out that your partner had lied to you and then of course you will be brokenhearted.

Then, from our group discussion, the second effect of cyber love is dishonestly. From cyber love, you have a very big potential to be a big liar in cyber world. In this chatting world, you are not telling the truth about yourself. You can be someone new actually. This is happened because you are chatting or contact with million people in this areas. Well, they do not to know you very well, right??

Then, after you lied in this chatting world, you are now a liar. Then, we can assume you as a big liar to other people. When you are facing too many contact and friends, it is sure you are not able to be honest to all of them.

Then, lets me explain about the third of negatives effects of cyber love. The partner will take an advantages on you. I think, this is the best part to explain for me. Nowadays, lots of story that we read from newspapers or internet that women or men are cheated by their partner from cyber net. This is usually happened to our teenagers nowadays.

They will try to pursuit you to come out with them few times. From that moment, they will try to find your weakness and make you fall into their trap to pulling your legs. They will pursuit you to give them borrowed your money. They will fooled you and until one day, you will realized that you have been cheated by your partner in that cyber net. They suddenly will disappear from your sight and break up your relationship. That’s all my point based on my research question on effects of cyber love.

Written by,nornasyitah binti ishak


  1. I think there will be some good effects in cyber love right ? maybe, teenagers will become more mature after they finished up their cyber love. they will know that love actually is build up not only by communication but also by living together, means couples have to go out for dating then phones calling , sms and so on. This will be more on true love than cyber love. Teenagers also will learn to see how reality in the relationship world if they are so unlucky get cheated by others. they will grow up and become more cautious for their next relationship. written by, hooi theng.

  2. its subjective for me whether a happy ending or not. This is due to how you could maintain your relationship.If you believe and love him, you could happily be in the relationship though you met your loved one through virtual.Depends on the couple themselves. ;)

  3. salam sokmo.....
    for me,the effect of cyber love in future life have positive and negative thing..for the positive thing maybe this love will contunie to married life..some of teenagers find true love from cyber net and the relationship still on until they life by each other,,,on the other hand,the teenagers will be more confident with them self,,it is because from the chatt they will get more friends and the will share anything else about anything,,the negative from cyber love is ur heart will broken if u fail in this love...

  4. alam lebaran~~
    for my opinion,cyber love will teach you to be more confident in your life.when you sign in to chat room,you will find many people from other countries..such as from india,korea,england and many,you must use other language like english to chat with them..on the other hand,it will improve your speaking in english and get more confident to converse with the society in english

  5. For me, usually cyber love happened between those youngster. emm... effects of cyber love. for sure, the younger will spend more times on online to meet their partner and this is affect their's just same as reality love, we also will talk phone to our partner until midnight right ? XD. Somemore, cyber love is always defined as more dangerous because many bad cases happened during cyber love. Many people been cheated money. some even their partner will ask for cyber sex. That's all the effects of cyber love , from my point of view. written by, hooi theng.

  6. effect of cyber love is someone can be heartbroken because of scam made by the couple. cyberlove also can risk someone life with crime because of disclaimers by someone in cyber. on the other hand, through cyberlove, someone can meet their match for the rest of their life.